college radio tuner

The College Radio Tuner for the IBS Student Radio Network by Backbone Networks delivers the first true network of college radio stations to iPhone® and iPod Touch® users everywhere. This is the transistor radio, updated for the 21st century.

It is a free application, and will run on an iPhone, or an iPod Touch upgraded to Apple's 2.1 (or better) firmware. The streams will work reliably on Wifi, 3g, and somewhat less reliably on the Edge network.

Get the College Radio Tuner now in the iTunes App Store and listen to the best college radio station around.

It's got some awesome features:

To get your station listed, join the IBS Student Radio Network. Visit the backbone networks website or the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System website for details.

Quick Instructions

You can also set some preferences from the iPhone and iPod Touch 'settings' application.

From the Application Settings list, scroll down and you'll find 'IBS-Network'

You can set the default volume, and disable the voice prompts from this screen.

There will be regular updates to this application, available through the normal store interface.

Send your comments or bug reports to

About the IBS Student Radio Network

In 2007, Backbone Networks Corporation, in cooperation with the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), launched the first true Internet radio network, one that specifically aims to enhance the student radio experience. The IBS Student Radio Network enables student operated stations to syndicate live and produced programming among member stations, as well as automatically access a vast amount of royalty-free programming from worldwide third-party sources.

This formative network is establishing cooperative relationships with content providers to bring its member stations vast collections of news feeds, royalty-free music from emerging and alternative independent artists, and other programming that will be available only to stations on the Network. In addition, member stations are able to draw programming from one another through shared server databases, as well as have access to each other's live feeds, including remote sporting events and concerts.

In addition to Backbone Radio's powerful automation and management software, the IBS-SRN builds upon (Apple's QuickTime™) MPEG-4 AAC, the worldwide streaming standard, as its streaming format. Conforming to this standard not only ensures universal acceptance across all listening platforms, but it also enables each school to partner with the Apple's iTunes store in preparing material, including artist/album annotation and cover art images that display to listeners' free QuickTime players. Select IBS-SRN stations are available on iTunes' College Radio category. Join Facebook's IBS Student Radio Network Group today.

About Backbone Networks

Founded in 1990, Backbone Networks Corporation has its roots in developing television and radio software, especially content production and delivery applications. Its founders are pioneers in developing technology for the broadcasting industry. They have supplied software and systems for some of the highest profile broadcasters and their events. To find out more about backbone networks, visit the backbone networks website .

About The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) is a nonprofit association of mostly student-staffed radio stations based at schools and colleges across the country. Over 1,000 IBS member stations operate all types of facilities including Internet - Webcasting, closed-circuit, AM carrier-current, cable radio, FCC-licensed FM, LPFM and AM stations. IBS has been providing continuous service for over 68 years. Find out more by visiting the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System website.