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Boston Schools and Friends Broadcasting Local Music Fest Live Saturday Sept. 7

Our friends, including Simmons College, Babson College and radio, will be broadcasting live from 12-7pm, available for your listening on your phone, tablet or computer via

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LIVE Broadcast at CMJ/Pirate Island NYC 10/19!

Member stations of the IBS Student Radio network will be broadcasting live from Fontana’s on Manhattan’s lower east side, today, October 19th, from 12-5pm as part of the Pirate! Promotions ‘Pirate Island’ showcase . Backbone and TuneIn Radio will be hosting the event, and all stations will be accessible through the TuneIn Radio app available for all major smartphone platforms, as well as online.

The broadcast will be anchored by WLIU-BK Brooklyn, and member schools Western New England College, Emmanuel College, and Fairleigh Dickinson University, along with Manhattan Marymount, CJLO Montreal and Breakthrough Radio will be broadcasting throughout the afternoon.

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IBS-Palooza College Music Event initial planning

After the success of the initial IBS-Palooza in September, 2008, many member schools asked “When can we do that again?” We’re proud to announce “IBS-Spring Palooza” to be held on Friday April 24th and Saturday April 25th, 2009.

What is IBS-Palooza? It is a weekend of local, live music on member stations of the IBS Student Radio Network, simulcast across the IBS Student Radio Network to kick off the fall 2008 semester.

We’ll be discussing IBS-Spring Palooza in detail at the IBS Affiliates Meeting at the IBS National Conference in NYC, on March 5th, and also during the rest of the IBS National Conference March 6th-8th at the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC.  If you are not already signed up for the conference, it is not too late to do so.

The IBS Affiliates meeting will be held on Thursday evening, March 5th at
the studios of IBS Affiliate WLIU-BK at Long Island University, Brooklyn campus.

IMPORTANT NOTE to affiliates attending the affiliates meeting: IBS has acquired a limited number of tickets for a Thursday night (3/5) live concert featuring The Roots, taking
place at the Highline Ballroom, which is not too far away from the
Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC.  The concert is at 11:30 PM (after the affiliates meeting).   Demand for tickets
is especially high, as The Roots will be the house band on the
Jimmy Fallon show starting that same week.

The goals of IBS-Spring Palooza are:

  • Use IBS- Spring Palooza as a recruiting tool for getting volunteers to work at your station.
  • Help local college bands get airplay– make your station important for your community.
  • Raise some money for worthy charities local to you.
  • Have some fun (of course!)

IBS-Spring Palooza happens on the fourth weekend of April, from the 24th to the 25th of the month (Friday night through Saturday). Currently the following schools will be broadcasting as part of the event:

The ground rules for IBS-Palooza are very straightforward:

  • Live local bands from your college, broadcast live on your station.  All organized by you– content is of your choice.
  • Each station will agree on a 1-2 hour time slot with IBS, and we’ll take care of everything else.   You’ll just broadcast normally on your station, and we’ll pick it up and rebroadcast it on the IBS Radio Network station ‘WIBS’.
  • Each station should elect one or more charities to be a beneficiary of the broadcast.  You’ll put a link in your stream to a place where people listening can click through to donate to that charity.
  • You’ll be able to simulcast the rest of the event on your station if you want to.
  • You need to be a member of the IBS Student Radio Network (IBS-SRN) to participate.  If
    you’re receiving this message– likely you are a member already, but if you’re
    not, you can sign up here

We’ll provide you with a website to link to from your station’s website– and to talk about on the air at your station, as well as liners, online promotion, promotional materials and technical advice.   Check out the initial website at

The time to get started is now.  The things that you can work on immediately are:

  • Find a space for your broadcast: Choose an outdoor location– and of course a backup inside location in case of rain.    If you have an ethernet drop in that space, you can use a macbook, or temporarily move your studio computer to broadcast directly to your station.
  • Start talking to local bands: Obviously this will get fine tuned as we go through the summer (especially in August) but in the meantime start getting some commitments from people who will want to be available to play.
  • Pick a date and time for your show: First show starts at 6pm Eastern time on Friday April 24th, through midnight on Friday.  Saturday noon Eastern to midnight on Friday.  As before, first come, first served for scheduled times.
  • Produce a few liners for your show, either generic, or by the bands who will be performing.  We’ll be promoting the show on the IBS-Palooza station throughout the month of April.
  • Talk to some local charities to see if they’ll be interested in receiving support.
  • Give us some feedback on what you’d like to do at the event on your campus, ways that we can make it even better.

As you get commitments  for musical acts and charites, we’ll be happy to link to the websites or myspace of anyone you want us to in the coming weeks.

We’re also looking for ways to publicize the event locally– if you know a reporter at the local college newspaper, or other local print or media outlets, give them a heads up on what will be happening in September.

Feel free to pass along any questions or concerns. If you haven’t signed up as of yet– there is still plenty of time to be a part of IBS-Palooza. Just drop me an email and we’ll get things started.

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up to have their stations be
a part of the second major IBS SRN Network Broadcast — ‘IBS- Spring Palooza‘.

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